Action Potential

Action Potential is a Forged in the Dark tabletop role-playing game set in a transhuman, body-swapping, dystopian far-future. Players create unique scoundrels who come together to form a Crew. Together you do crime, and make your way through a hostile and unforgiving universe.

Will your Crew seek infamy and fortune as smugglers running illegal tech, or perhaps become highly-paid assassins working for one of the other Factions? Do you aim higher, setting your sights on the behemoth Megacorps and plotting a rise to their ranks? Or is there a more noble goal… one that sees your Crew fighting against cruelty and injustice, striving to make the galaxy a better place!

Gather some players, grab some dice, and play to find out!

Scenario Bundle 1

Scenario Bundle 1

This bundle contains two stand-alone scenarios for Action Potential. Each document gives you information on the Score, as well as vivid descriptions of new locations, and NPCs with clear personal motivation. Plenty of hooks to get your players stuck into the story!

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