Draw some cards, do some adventuring, wait for everything to get weird. It won’t take long.

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The development of the ALIS dreamshare device has changed the world.

The technology allows dreamers to enter a shared experience, to delve into the unconscious minds of those in need of help, to create worlds of adventure and exploration, to experience a reality limited only by your imagination.

But without the proper training, using the ALIS device can be a dangerous and frightening experience.

In the WILD RPG players enter this world, where technology and dreams meet. Where dream creatures struggle to break into the waking world, and where you can live out your wildest dreams.

The Setting

The waking world of WILD is similar to the world around us. The same technology, entertainment, and events. The major difference is the existence of dreamshare tech.

Pioneered by Carter Henderson, the dreamshare technology began life as an advanced BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) designed to allow users to access computers when their hands are occupied (such as pilots, divers, or astronauts) or when physically unable. It was due to revolutionise how we access computers, bringing a new level of ease to those who need to use it the most. As he was presenting this new technology at the Electronic Media Expo, he received word that his daughter, Clarity, had been involved in an accident, and she remained in a coma with above average brain activity. Carter and his team of devs spent every moment working on adapting this new BCI to allow him to communicate with Clarity within her comatose state.

And so the dreamshare device was born.

The ALIS device (which stands for Accelerated Lucidity Induction System) uses a feedback loop - taking the imagery the subject is experiencing within the dream, enhancing it and sending it back into the mind of the dreamer. The result is an extremely vivid environment almost indistinguishable from the waking world. The device takes this information and can link additional users into this loop, allowing multiple dreamers to experience the same environment together, diving into the same dream, interacting with each other while simultaneously enhancing the setting.

The Game

The WILD: Dream Dive Training Simulation is a tabletop roleplaying game that can be played solo, or with a group of friends with or without one player taking on the role of the DreamMaster.

You take on the role of a new recruit at ClarIT, learning the basics of the dreamshare technology by diving into a training simulation of Carter Henderson’s attempt to communicate with his comatose daughter. However, the environment is defined randomly, meaning every dive into this simulation will be different.

Characters are defined by four Attributes, and five Abilities. Tasks, whether this is doing something dangerous, convincing someone (or something) to do something, or engaging in combat, are resolved with a simple draw of Tarot cards. Minor Arcana values under your Attribute + Ability is a Success. Matching the suit that relates to the Attribute being used is another Success, and drawing a card that matches the Ability is also a Success. The more Successes you draw, the better the result and the more likely you are to avoid any consequences. Major Arcana do weird things…

The Tarot is a very important element to WILD, and the game can be played using the custom WILD Tarot Deck or a standard Tarot deck like the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck. If you do not have access to Tarot cards, a random card draw system is provided for use with dice.

The Tarot also defines the course of the dive - the locations you explore, the people you meet, and the obstacles you face. These can be defined in advance, elaborated by a DreamMaster, or drawn and interpreted on the spot. Every dive will be different and can go on for as long as you define, or until you wake from your injuries, or find Clarity within her dreamscape.

The Public Trial Adventure

The Public Trial Adventure

In this adventure for WILD: Dream Dive Training Simulation, the PCs enter the dreams of Paul Jackson, an ex-soldier in the British Army, to test the therapeutic properties of the ALIS device.

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