GRENDEL is a system gazetteer and campaign book designed for the Alien Role-Playing Game by Fria Ligan. The 41 page, full-colour booklet includes a history of the Grendel system, from its initial discovery and the conflict which shaped it; a description of its primary planets, moons and colonies; an overview of the three factions which seek to control it, along with the main movers and shakers; plus a three part adventure called Bug Hunt.

Bug Hunt takes place on the remote moon Nile, a desert world which grows much of the food used within Grendel. The PCs are tasked with tracking down and killing a savage animal which broke into a facility and killed senior researcher Dr. Chen Fa. How Dr. Chen’s research into a strain of the 26 Draconis serum is involved is for the PCs to uncover. Stats are provided for a new hybrid aberration created by a fusion of the serum and the wildlife of Nile.