Rebel Rising

Rebel Rising is a collection of scenarios for the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. There are four scenarios designed for a group of characters with ties to the Rebel Alliance. It is better suited for AGE OF REBELLION characters but some ideas for running the adventures for EDGE OF THE EMPIRE or FORCE AND DESTINY is provided in each scenario.

20 page PDF containing the following scenarios.

The Red Knuckle Gang

Mado Tanwa, a young Rodian woman and the daughter of a wealthy industrialist and Rebel supporter, has been kidnapped by the Red Knuckle Gang. The player characters have been tasked with finding the gang and bringing Mado back. However, everything isn’t as it seems and an important decision tests the loyalties of the player characters.

Trading Places

Tik Sennan is a useful contact for anyone working outside of Imperial law. He’s good at fixing ships and making them better than they were, and he’s not concerned with the legality of his work. When the player characters need something new for their ship, he’s a good person for them to visit. However, the Empire are hunting Tik and are very close to finding him.

The Merlin’s Shadow

The Merlin’s Shadow contains both sensitive Rebel data and important plans for a new Imperial super-weapon. Unfortunately, it has crash landed on a remote junk planet and its computers core needs to be recovered. The player characters have been tasked with retrieving it and must race to reach the crash site before Imperial troops arrive.

Evacuating Chrellis

Chrellis Base has served its time as a Rebel Alliance safe-haven and is finally being decommissioned. The player characters are sent to Chrellis to help pack and transport it to a new, more suitable location for the growing Rebellion. Unfortunately, the Empire show up with other ideas.